L.Ariel (pronounced "L-Ariel") is a singer/songwriter/producer of dance synth pop. She swirls complex chords into layers of synth sounds to create deliciously addictive hooks and dance-driven beats. Her pop songs are beguilingly sweet with clever, complicated lyrics, infused with a genuine longing that lingers after the last note. 

A child of the 80's, L.Ariel's pop music influences include Prince, Michael Jackson, The Gap Band and Madonna. She is classically proficient in piano and has a penchant for arpeggiators. L.Ariel's second EP, "Diatribe," an electropop collaboration with producer SoundControl, is out now on all streaming/download platforms, and its popular track "Dead to You" has been featured on A&R Music Factory and Sound Kharma music blogs.

L.Ariel is also the creator and host of "Hey, How'd You Get That Music Job???", a weekly podcast about careers in music. Named one of the Top Career Podcasts in 2018 and 2019, and AXS's "7 Music-Related Podcasts You Should Be Listening To Right Now," L.Ariel interviews rising stars and innovators of the music industry to discuss their career trajectories and to share advice and insights about the music biz today.